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Summertime Madness!

The Borudecor team have had a busy summer season! We have worked with some lovely brides and provided a wide range of wedding flowers and floral arrangements for venues from The Brooklodge Hotel in Wicklow to the RCPI No 6 Kildare Street, Dublin and the wonderful Medley restaurant in Fleet St Street, Dublin.

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Holidays are coming…

We will be launching our Christmas designs for our online shop

next month. We are already taking bookings for Christmas house or hotel decoration.

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Shop Online!

Have a look at the beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements on our online shop which are made to order. Each bouquet is made with the freshest of flowers and are available for pickup from Boru Decor, or if you are in the Dublin/Wicklow area you qualify for delivery! Order online or you can always call us or email!



Flower Pillars

Flower pillars can be used in all areas of your ceremony and reception!

This year's wedding floral accessory for photos is still our fabalous floral pillars. Sometimes all dressed in fresh mixed greenery or a mix of varied roses, peonies or hydrangeas. They can be moved from ceremony to venue. Great value weddingdecor!


Floral Arch

We have new floral arches - fresh and bespoke! Lovely scented hyacinths used in this floral arch.


Woodland Garden Designs

New woodland garden floral designs for making an entrance at your wedding or event.